Spinosini with wild mussels and peas

Serves four

For the mussels

  • 1Kg wild mussels of Portonovo
  • 100g extra virgin olive oil
  • 15g unpeeled garlic clove, slightly squashed
  • 20g candied lemon
  • 2g finely chopped flat-leaf parsley


For the mussel and pea sauce

  • 100g mussel cooling water
  • 100g boiled peas
  • 50g mussels without their shells
  • 50g candied lemon


For the Spinosini

  • 100g Spinosini
  • 2 litres water
  • 30g Salt


To prepare Portonovo-style mussels, wash them thoroughly then place them in a pan on the heat with the olive oil, crushed garlic and 20 g of the candied lemon and cover.

When the mussels have opened, remove them from the pan, filter the sauce of any impurities and put it back into the pan with the chopped parsley. Take the mussels out of their shells.


Heat a bowl of Spinosini in the microwave until they reach 60°C inside, pour over a spoonful of mussel and pea sauce and some peas.

Moreno Cedroni