Maxi Box AssaggioMix of products


This Maxi Box contains a larger quantity of assorted products. An important gift for lovers of egg pasta and for those who want to experiment with delicious recipes to enjoy with friends.

With this Box Spinosi you can taste the main formats of Campofilone egg pasta, from the narrowest to the widest cuts. The pasta is worked with the ancient bronze die and made with 100% fresh Italian eggs, still broken by hand, in full respect of our traditions. In addition, you can dress the pasta with an organic sauce that enhances the flavor and texture. You will also be able to taste the sweet delicacies, so as to satisfy even the most gluttonous palates.

Inside the box you will find

– N.2 Fettuccine of 250 g

– N.2 Tagliatelle of 250 g

– N.2 Spinosini of 250 g

– N.1 Tagliolini of 250 g

– N.1 Spinobelli of 250 g (The old Tonnarelli)

– N.1 Spinosina of 250 g

– N.1 Bentagliati of 250 g

– N.1 Organic Basil Sauce of 340 g

– N.1 Spiritosini with almonds of 250 g

– N.1 Spiritosini with Pistachios of 250 g