Box Proteico LibroProtein pasta and book


A protein box for those who practice running, at any level, with a scientific guide (in italian) to nutrition by Prof. Fabrizio Angelini.

In the Box “Diet & Running” you will find the new book by Prof. Fabrizio Angelini, Italy’s leading authority on nutrition for athletes. A rigorous, exhaustive and at the same time very clear tool to understand how to behave at the table to feel good and improve their performance with a proper diet, balanced in nutrients and suitable to support the effort. Rich in information and practical advice, a true bible for all those who go running. As necessary as a good pair of shoes!

Inside the box you will find

– N.3 Fettuccine Zero+ with red lentil flour of 250 g

– N.3 Fettuccine Zero+ with legume flour mix of 250 g

– N.1 “Dieta & Running” written by Prof. Endocrinologist Fabrizio Angelini